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Attorney Strong Marketing is a true and honest marketing service that is comprised of the best and the brightest Florida attorneys. 


Gina Silvestri

Today word of mouth can make or break a business. We value the opinions of our peers. Based on the success of Yelp, Home Advisors, and Angie’s List, the same should apply to our men and women we entrust to help us in the direst time of need, our Attorneys.
This search portal is created by a woman and her bear of a rescue dog Sasha who are staple in the legal community. She decided that it was time we had a true and honest marketing service that is comprised of the best and the brightest Florida attorneys.  Selection of our attorneys is based on actual client testimonies and true results. The men and women selected to be a part of our marketing system are personally known by Ms. Silvestri and approved by her partner, Sasha.
This Network and Marketing Platform is the brain child of Ms. Gina Silvestri.


Ms. Silvestri is a well known para-professional in the legal community of South Florida. Her work with many law firms all over Florida has given her the keen insight as to the many concerns of victims and concerned citizens and their need for well qualified representation in our Judicial system. The goal of this venture is to create a truly transparent attorney network system that truly works within our community. If you live in Miami, she will recommend an attorney in Miami. If you need representation that speaks Russian or Spanish Gina and Sasha got you covered. You need an attorney that specializes in Patent Law, let Sasha help you in that search. The attorney you start with will stay with you through the entire process.
Each attorney is vetted and has provided great, professional results leading to honest and true service.
Here, you don’t have to worry about your information being sold off to any third-party vendors. You don’t have to worry about robo callers or any doctors trying to get a hold of your insurance information, draining all your medical benefits.
In this system, our staff will personally call you and connect you with perfectly matched attorney that suits your specific needs. They will handle your immediate legal needs with years of expertise in the field.
We ask that you put your trust in us and Sasha and we won’t steer you wrong. For every satisfied customer, our local celebrity will send you an autographed picture
In an effort to pay it forward and be an amazing example for all to follow, Sasha’s Search will also sponsor a rescue dog to be trained to assist disabled veterans. Part of our company profits from this endeavor would also be used for a good cause within our local community. Keep paying it forward.



True and Honest Marketing Service

the best and the brightest Florida attorneys

Network and Marketing Platform

brain child of Ms. Gina Silvestri


hero dog & partner, Sasha

Great & professional results

leading to honest and true service



And just to show you how amazing Sasha really is at finding the right people at the right time, check him out in action: